Introducing The 5 Elements

The 5 Elements are the building blocks of our natural world.


Did you know that all the components of nature are within us?

The five fingers of our hand can help us remember what they are:

Let’s use our bodies to make the elements.

Step your feet wide like a mountain…
Wiggle your toes like roots into the ground.
Raise your arms and say “I AM STRONG”
Our first element is EARTH!

Can you make your hand and elbow go up and down like a wave?
Can you pitter-patter raindrops on your head and shoulders?
Can you backstroke and make boat sounds?
Another element is WATER!

Next bend your knees and sit low!
Rub your hands together and imagine a campfire.
Make the soft sound of H and A and feel the heat.
Another element is FIRE

Now take a deep breath and blow like the wind.
Swaying from one side to another
Then fly like a bird
For our fourth element is AIR

Next step your feet wide and raise your arms high.
Expand like the galaxy, get huge like outer space.
And be so quiet so that you can hear the sounds around you and inside of you.
The fifth element is SPACE.

So let’s give ourselves a hug by wrapping our arms around our hearts.
The whole universe in inside of me, and inside of you too!



This lesson can be modified for all ages, all levels and all mindsets.  

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